The Night

Book of poems by / Livre de poèmes par Patti Smith & Tom Verlaine
Hard Cover / 35 pages / Format 18,5 x 23 cm
Bilingual Edition Français / English
Originally published by / Originellement publié par / Esteban in 1976
New upgraded Edition 2016

Date de sortie / Release date: October 31
€ 14.50


En 1976 Patti Smith confie le texte de THE NIGHT à Michel Esteban pour le publier avec le numéro de ROCK NEWS special Patti Smith. Elle écrira un petit texte de présentation de ce recueuil de poêmes écrit à deux mains dans l’excitation d’une rencontre entre deux personnages majeures de cette fascinante période.
“Two years ago I first saw Tom Verlaine. It was easter. My head was filled with light. I had a lot of cocaine. I saw the film Ladies & gentleman the Rolling Stones. My head was fillet with light and coke and baby orchids. I went to CBGB Television was on. They inspired me. Shot my heart. His hands embracing and raping the rosewood neck of his blue Jazzmaster, his hands on the typewriter. My hands. Everything blends. Our nights, estatic and sad. Only one journey. 22 moments like a hand that stretches and covers and shoots thru the eyes that see and sea and seize all…”
Patti Smith pour Rock NEWS. 1976


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